Trout angling lakes in Kolding, Denmark
     Hvilested Lystfiskersøer    
Our Trout fishery Trout farm/hatchery: "Hvilested Dambrug" 
We can't make our living from one thing alone. We do the lakes for angling, export to Germany, selling fresh trout directly from the pond, breeding trout for our own production and our speciality is breeding Sea trout for restoring some streams here in Denmark.
Below are some examples
April 2015: From our work with the Sea trout
Stocking river streams with juvenile Sea trout, Salmo trutta
It is done to help restoring the Sea trout in Denmark
When you buy the angling license for Denmark some of the money is for this work
Videos from April 2015 you can find here


2010: Farming of Freshwater Rainbow Trout in Denmark (Pdf  1,63 Mb.)
New small golden rainbow trout's at our trout farm.
Visiting a trout farm producing Golden trout.
It is still Rainbow trout. A trout farmer did select special fish for 17
years and then he had the Golden Rainbow trout.
January 11. 2009: Sea trout, Salmo trutta, just hatched.
It is fry we breed from wild trout.
Collection egg and seamen for this one you can see here.
Once I did set up a little fish tank to show how eggs hatch down in the gravel. Video  1 min. 46. sec.  9,37 Mb.
Pictures: Sea trout hatching at 438 day degrees (eggs are 60 days). Se them hatch here.
And delivering them back to the region where they as eggs was collected from wild Sea trout you can see here.
Big fish car with 12 fish tanks delivering trout at our fishery.
The local Angling lodge collection egg for breeding Sea trout; pictures here.
Some videos collection eggs are here: It is the videos number 01 - 11
After that we breed the sea trout in our hatchery houses and ponds.
Our local stream does not need restoring the Sea trout anymore.
The new fish are needed for restoring other streams in Denmark.
Some examples are these, below. Pages in Danish, but have a look at the videos and pictures if you like.
Half year old fry for the stream. "Fisheries police" are also there looking we do it right.
Another page also shows "Half year old fry for the stream". This page contains videos showing the work.
And this page contains videos and pictures. Small fry for the stream and delivering smelt with our bigger fish car.
Below some pictures from our ponds, a few years ago