Trout angling lakes in Kolding, Denmark
    Hvilested Lystfiskersøer    
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Two lakes in beautiful nature near Kolding. Stocked
with mostly Rainbow trout. Some Sea trout / Brown
trout and Brook trout.
Open from 05:30 - 21:30, every day.
Only closed if the water is frozen.
Freezer and water are available.
The River Vester Nebel Stream runs along our lakes
and you can fish in it for Brown Trout or Sea trout if
you have the national card for Angling in Denmark.
If you want to make a fishing tour for two or more
days you can stay here and park at the lakes.
We are a member of "Danske Ørredsøer" (Danish
Trout Lakes)
We were the first fishery in Denmark that bred
Rainbow trout. We started to breed  Rainbow trout
1894 after about 2 years of learning the ropes.
Years before this the owner was experimenting with
breeding of the local Sea trout. He began 1886 and
we still breed them. With a little luck you might catch
one of the Sea trout in our lakes.
Since the middle of the 19. century local farmers have
bred small Sea trout/Brown trout fry for the river to
increase the population of trout.
It was then already going the wrong way. In 2005 we
in Kolding could say the Sea trout population is repro-
ducing itself.
We have two fish farms with ponds. The first, as told,
was made around 1894. The second 1904-1906.
Around 1975 a part of the fishery were taken for the
first Angling lake. 1989 the second was established.
Both lakes are open for fishing
Winter information
You can buy fresh trout directly from the trout farm. Info: 0045 4095 1916 or 0045 2331 7662
Stocking the lakes is always done in the opening time
!!  You can rent a lake; for a whole day or a half day. Contact: 0045 4095 1916  !!
PHOTO/VIDEO 2016 (all pictures are now online)
PHOTO 2017
You will not find "high tech" at our place;
it is pure angling in the green
Parking close to the water
April 2015: From our work with the Sea trout
Stocking river streams with juvenile Sea trout, Salmo trutta
It is done to help restoring the Sea trout in Denmark
When you buy the angling license for Denmark some of the money is for this work
Videos from April 2015 you can find here
New Golden trout in one of our ponds at the trout farm
Later this year some of them will be big enough for the lakes
"Golden trout"; a culture form of the rainbow trout.
It was a work of almost 20 years before the well known Danish trout farmer, Svend Pape, has finished this variant.
November 17.: Tiger trout's for the lakes
In our hatchery house
New small golden trout's
VIDEO (18,4 Mb.)
Farming of Freshwater Rainbow Trout in Denmark (Pdf  1,63 Mb.)
A fish thief at my fish tank
You can see it here
video on aquaculture in Europe - and the opportunities for further development
Stocking with trout is always done in the opening time
We try keeping the lakes something like "natural"; no "high tech" facilities.
We want you to enjoy and relax from the every day stress.
And we do not walk around watching over the people all the time.
We believe in, people themselves know how to behave.
The big project breeding the eel
And it is happening here in Denmark
An old anglers book from 1902 about the brook trout
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