Hvilested Lystfiskersøer

Saturday May 2. is the second lake closed until 2 p. m.

May 9. until May 16. is a third of the cabin at the tents place reserved for Vos Josse, including a place for one tent on the tents place.

Monday May 25. is the second lake reserved/maybe booked for the whole day. More info is to come.

Saturday June 6. is the second closed for the whole day.

Friday June 12. until noon Sunday June 14. is most of the tents place closed.

Saturday June 13. is the second lake closed.

Saturday September 12. is the second lake closed until 2 p. m.

If you want to rent the second lake, please contact 0045 40951916

Hvilested Lystfiskersøer

Esbjergvej 338

DK-6000 Kolding

0045 40951916

0045 23317662


Røget laks, ørred, makrel, sild og andre delikatesser hos Favstrup Fisk / Geräucherte Forellen, Lachs, Makrele, Hering und andere Delikatessen gibt es bei Favstrup Fisk / Smoked salmon, trout, mackerel, herring and other delicacies at Favstrup Fisk.