Two put and take trout lakes in Kolding, Denmark

Both lakes are open.

Two trout lakes in beautiful nature near Kolding. Stocked with mostly Rainbow trout. Some Sea trout/Brown trout and other kinds of trout when available.

Open from 05:30 until 21:30, every day.

Only closed if the water is frozen or when we are making a winter pause.

Freezer and water are available.

The River Vester Nebel Stream runs along our lakes and you can fish in it for Sea trout if you have the national card/license for angling in Denmark.

If you want to make a fishing tour for two or more days you can stay here and park at the lakes.

If you need more fish you can buy trout from our trout farm.

THE SPECKLED BROOK TROUT is a book from 1902 about fishing brook trout.

What Is a Rainbow Trout?” is an article from 2002 about the rainbow trout where is was native before it was distributed all over most of the world and other historical information about the rainbow trout we use in our lakes.

The trout’s in the lakes are from our own fish farm. The food we use is from the best Danish food producers. We mainly use food from BioMar, supplied with some from Aller Aqua.

1910; the ponds to the right are today the angling lakes

We were one of the first fisheries in Denmark that bred Rainbow trout.

We started to breed Rainbow trout 1894 after about 2 years of learning the ropes. 
Years before this the owner was experimenting with breeding of the local Sea trout. He began 1886 and we still breed them. With a little luck you might catch one of the Sea trout in our lakes. Since the middle of the 19. century local farmers have bred small Sea trout/Brown trout fry for the river to increase the population of trout. It was then already going the wrong way. In 2005 we in Kolding could say the Sea trout population is reproducing itself. We have two fish farms with ponds. The first, as told, was made around 1894. The second 1904-1906. Around 1975 a part of the fishery were taken for the first Angling lake. 1989 the second was established.

In Denmark, we are the only one breeding the rare European weather loach, Misgurnus fossilis.

When we reach the spring you can buy some juveniles of them for your garden pond. We do not send or deliver them, but maybe when you are here in Denmark anyway !

You must bring your own bucket for them.